Virginia Jobs Investment Programs are: 

New Jobs Program

The New Jobs Program is a vital part of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s economic development efforts. The program targets expansions of existing companies or new facility locations which involve competition with other states or countries. Expansions of existing companies or new company locations must create a minimum of 25 net new jobs within 12 months from the date of the first hire and make a capital investment of at least $1,000,000.

Small Business New Jobs Program

The Small Business New Jobs Program supports existing Virginia companies which have 250 employees or less companywide. Companies must create a minimum of five net new jobs within a 12- month period and making at least $100,000 new capital investment.

Please note that Eligibility for assistance in any of the VJIP program offerings is limited to for-profit companies that create basic employment (not engaged in retail) paying a minimum wage of $10.00 per hour. In areas that have unemployment of two times or more the state level, the wage minimum may be waived. Only full-time jobs are eligible for funding.

The contact for this region is Lea Lofty, at or (276) 676-5571.

Workforce Investment Act provides up to 50% of on-the-job training  for certain special hard-to-serve populations. Also may provide some assistance to help companies train or retrain employees if it is necessary for them to keep their job.

Contact is Marty Holliday at or (540) 633-6764.

Virginia Community Colleges can tailor job training to business’ specific needs.

Contact is Patty Ryan at 540-674-3633 or