Floyd is also well-known for its great food and restaurants, ranging from home-country-cooking to Mexican, brick-oven pizza, authentic Italian, organic Appalachian Latino, and fine-dining Chateau Morrisette Winery. Floyd is enjoying a resurgence in agriculture, and many of the restaurants feature local produce and meats. A Farmer’s Market selling fresh local fruits and produce, locally-raised meat, cheeses, herbs, and baked goods is open from spring to fall. Several nearby farms bottle their own wines, ciders and meads, and hold events and festivals of their own; these include Villa Appalachia, Blacksnack, Foggy Ridge, and AmRheins. In addition to Chateau Morrisette, which is one of the largest wineries in Virginia, there are several other smaller food producers in the County including Blue Mountain Organics, Buffalo Mountain Kombucha, and Sweetwater Bakery.

Chateau Morrisette

“Chateau Morrisette hand-crafts quality Virginia wines at our vineyard and winery on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Known for specialty wines like Our Dog Blue and The Black Dog, we offer over twenty varieties of dry, off-dry, sweet and fruit wines. Join us year-round for gracious southern hospitality in our Tasting Room, the Chateau Restaurant and at our Black Dog Music Festivals and special wine events.”
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logo_GoodFoodGoodPeopleGood Food Good People

“Founded in 1996, Good Food – Good People (GFGP) provides locally grown and produced food to retail and wholesale buyers in Southwest Virginia. GFGP represents over 50 producers of fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs, pasture-raised frozen meats, free-range eggs, farm cheeses, breads and baked delicacies, value-added foods and lots more.”
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“We value freshness in produce and program, generosity in giving and receiving, including each and every person, and preserving Floyd County’s land and culture. Our programs provide access to fresh healthy food and teach growing and cooking skills in the Plenty! Fresh Food Bank, Farm and Gardens, and Schools and Gatherings.”
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 Seven Springs Farm

“Seven Springs Farm was established in 1990 by Polly Hieser and Ron Juftes . . . who moved to Floyd County because of its beauty, community, and affordable land prices. In 1991 the first CSA in this area was born. In 1994 they started a retail organic farming and gardening products store on the farm, selling soil amendments and organic pest control products to local farms. . . . The Organic Farming and Supply Catalog now serves farmers and gardeners nationwide.”
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 Tendergrass Farms

“At the core of the Tendergrass Farms identity is our vision of sustaining local grass-fed family farmers by serving as a channel for their superior quality grass fed beef, pastured pork, pastured chicken and pastured turkey to find its way to committed pastured meat fans like yourself. Our online marketplace serves as a way for our customers to support a number of small family farms that might not otherwise be able to find the customers they need to survive.”
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logo_WeathertopFarmWeathertop Farm

“is a small family-owned and operated farm dedicated to holistic sustainable animal husbandry, land stewardship, soil conservation, and composting. The main business of Weathertop Farm is raising and selling pastured chickens, rabbits, pigs, turkeys, ducks, sheep and eggs.”
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