There is a range of housing options in the County, from stately historic homes in or near Town, to farmhouses or custom-built log or timber frames on hilltops or along the Little River, to net-zero homes in the new Floyd Eco-Village, to recently renovated downtown apartments, to housing for those with special needs to co-housing. Click here to go to regional real estate listing.


Floyd Eco-Village
“is a community in Virginia where residents are united by the desire to live harmoniously with nature and with one another. . . Timberframe community buildings, gardens and abundant forested and open space support a diverse environmental and economic framework for residents living in eco-friendly housing.
{Content copied from company website on December 31, 2013.}


Wall Residences “was formed in 1995 with the purpose of providing individualized support to people who have significant support needs. Making Life Better Together. . . services to individuals with a diagnosis of intellectual disabilities, mental illness and/or a developmental disability.”
{Content copied from company website on December 31, 2013.}