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floyd growth center campus

 Your premier destination for innovative industrial spaces tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses.

Building 1, Suite A: an exceptional industrial facility spanning approximately 5,200 square feet. Nestled within the dynamic environment of the Floyd Growth Center Campus, this building offers unparalleled features designed to elevate your operations to new heights.

Key Features:
1. Spacious Design: With a vast interior, 24-foot ceiling height, Building 1, Suite A provides ample space for a wide range of industrial activities. Whether you're involved in food production, manufacturing, data storage, distribution, or logistics, this facility offers the flexibility to accommodate your business requirements.
2. Enhanced Accessibility: Equipped with convenient access to a shared loading dock and a bay drive-in door, this building streamlines your processes, ensuring seamless loading and unloading operations.
3. Sustainable Solutions: Embracing eco-friendly practices, Building 1, Suite A incorporates multiple energy sources, including solar power, to minimize environmental impact and reduce operational costs. Additionally, a reliable backup generator ensures uninterrupted workflow, enhancing operational resilience.

Discover the possibilities that await within Building 1, Suite A at the Floyd Growth Center Campus. Click the image to explore further details and unlock the potential for your business's success.

Nestled within our dynamic business park, the Floyd Growth Center Campus offers an unparalleled opportunity for businesses seeking prime real estate to thrive and grow. Strategically positioned to cater to diverse needs, our campus presents shovel-ready business sites ranging from 1 to 4 acres in size, perfectly suited for building structures spanning 5,000 to 30,000 square feet.

Key Features:
1. Shovel-Ready Sites: Skip the hassle and delays of development - our prepared sites are ready for construction, allowing you to expedite your project and seize market opportunities swiftly.
2. Versatile Options: Whether you're a small startup or an expanding enterprise, we offer a range of plot sizes and building capacities to accommodate businesses of all scales and industries.
3. Infrastructure Excellence: Say goodbye to logistical headaches. Our campus comes equipped with essential infrastructure elements, including stormwater management, utilities, and road connections, all fully permitted and primed for seamless integration with your operations.

Unlock Your Business's Potential Today: Experience unparalleled convenience and efficiency at the Floyd Growth Center Campus. Contact us now to learn more about our available sites, explore customization options, and embark on your journey towards economic success. Your future begins here.

Floyd Sites
Available sites and spaces in Floyd County - Floyd Growth Center Campus

floyd regional commerce center

Floyd Regional Commerce Center is a business park that provides sites (1 to 51 acres) and spaces (offices to industrial bays). The park features a 65-acre greenway with walking trails. All sites are served by fiber, public water, and sewer, and benefit from a nearby electric substation providing redundant electrical feeds. Click the image to see much more information.

Floyd Regional Commerce Center map of available lots.

This 51-acre greenfield site can be tailored to your business’s needs. We are developing a 900 linear ft. road and bike-pedestrian lane into the property, as well as extending fiber, public water, and sewer into the center of the site. Click the image to see much more information.

51 Acre map in Floyd County, Virginia.

floyd innovation center

 The Floyd Innovation Center is a multi-tenant business center providing leasable office and working spaces to niche, technology-based businesses. The Center has memberships available for entrepreneurs who occasionally need conference room space. Contact us form more information.

Floyd County offers space inside their Innovation Center.

Other Business Sites and Spaces in Floyd County

There are also privately-owned sites and spaces in Floyd County for sale or lease.