Want to Grow Your Business?

We’re glad you’re here!  We offer various means of support as you work to scale or strengthen your business. On this page you’ll see an overview, but we encourage you to contact us directly.

How You Can Grow Your Business

How you can grow

Working On Your Business

Want to take your business to the next level? We’re here to help. Whether you are looking for talent, technical assistance, space, financing or peer support, we’re happy to help. Many business founders struggle to make the transition from working in their business to working on their business, pivoting from the day-to-day work to the big picture, strategic work. Developing a strong team of advisors, peers, and investors can help you do this.

Key Focus Areas for Growing or Strengthening Your Business (from GrowthWheel model)

  • Business Concept including products/services offered, business model,  market position, and customer base
  • Customer Relations including branding, marketing, customer services, and networking
  • Organization including partnerships, employees, and processes
  • Operations including funding, IT systems, and facilities

Business Counseling

Expertise for Your Business

Experienced business owners and technical experts can be important resources. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel on everything.

We are Ready to Help

  • Economic Development Staff—available to brainstorm and provide local data, regulatory referrals, and info on other business assistance.
  • Small Business Development Center—experienced business owners available to give you objective feedback and info.
  • Floyd County Community Development Team-- staff from Town, Tourism, Chamber and County can give you feedback and guidance.
  • Floyd County Economic Development Authority members can  speak from their broad experiences including business start-up, management, sales, construction,  technology and staffing.

Financing Growth


Aligning Growth and Resources

Growing too fast can cause your business to fail. Lenders can help you think through how to scale your business successfully. Here are some possible funding resources.

Loans and Grants

Floyd GrowthWheel

A 6-Month, Peer-to-Peer Group to Help Grow Your Business

Would you like to meet monthly with other established business owners to compare notes and ideas? Do you need some extra support in order to focus on growing your business while also protecting family life and health? Participants pick their focus areas, but possible ones are listed below. If you’ve been in business at least 2 years and are interested in this Floyd GrowthWheel group, please contact us for more information.

Floyd GrowthWheel Topics

  • Marketing (e.g. which social media channel/s are best for your target/s)Top-notch Customer Service and its Benefits
  • Production Processes
  • Strategic Partnerships and Alliances

Business Concept

  • Revenue Model
  • Product Portfolio

Customer Relations

  • Marketing
  • Sales and Service


  • Business Processes
  • Employees


  • Financials
  • Production and Deliveries
Floyd Growth Wheel

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Featured Resources

Please reach out to us to get a hard copy if preferred.

Floyd County Business Toolkit

Includes a business start-up checklist, business plan template, Floyd and regional contacts for business support, plus business regulatory guidance, key links, and funding/financing resources.






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Is Agritourism Right For You?

Floyd Grown’s, Is Agritourism Right For You?, is a wonderful resource carefully curated specifically for Floyd County and its agricultural uses. It includes many informative sections, all the way from advantages to agritourism to local directories!




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Sites and Spaces

Check out what’s available for your business to start, grow, or relocate to Floyd.










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Workforce and Talent Resources

Each year thousands of people graduate from colleges and trade programs within 30 miles of Floyd County, and many hope to stay in the region. When young adults graduate high school in Floyd County, they can enjoy tuition-free community college for up to 2 years. Find your talent here, or we can help you create customized training for your business needs, whether it’s a skilled trade, manufacturing or IT-related.


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